This weekend we spent Saturday in Cambridge at the Head of the Charles Regatta. It was a gorgeous day, and a great way to get outside, get some exercise and some free swag!


We walked the entire River to get different view points of the race! So much exercise, 15,000 steps! We started on one side of the river where there are tons of vendors giving away free samples of their products. There was Whole Foods, Delta, Lundberg Organics, and many more. We left with a bunch of little samples, and free things.


We walked to the opposite side of the river and watched more of the race. This side also has some booths, but they have large scale sponsors giving away more samples, as well as catered tents you can buy tickets to. There you can have a sit down lunch, drinks, and have a full view of the race.


My sister and I got to take a picture of us rowing! We won the race!


There were thousands of people watching, and enjoying the beautiful day!



I got this adorable nautical striped T-shirt from the Brooks Brothers tent, they are always a major sponsor each year, and always have great quality clothing to support to races. I love how this has the patch sewn on to the chest. I can’t wait for next years race!




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