An easy dinner in under 10 minutes of prep time. Must have croc pot!


Trader Joe’s wins again, pre marinaded pesto chicken breast, and four cheese ravioli, white wine, all purchased at Trader Joe’s.


Place your chicken breast in the croc pot and add a cup of white wine. Low 8 hours!


When you come back to it the chicken will be so tender that it will just pull apart with a fork, and no effort.


Boil your ravioli for 6 minutes, drain and serve the chicken atop the ravioli.


The white wine makes a thin sauce that adds flavor to your dish! Not eat!

Trader Joe’s Pesto Chicken
White wine

Please comment to let me know how yours turns out. Remember if you don’t have a Trader joes, buy plain chicken breast, and add some store bought pesto to the croc pot, then use your favorite pasta. It can be dairy free by choosing something other than a ravioli. Enjoy!


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