On Saturday I went to a baby shower, and as soon as I saw this jumper from Zara I knew it was the perfect piece to wear! It’s really not my style to wear all blue or all pink, so I felt it was appropriate to wear a multi colored floral dress that shared blue, pink and additional colors in the pattern. Black leather, gold heeled booties from Lord and Taylor put the icing on the cake! It’s all in the details ladies.

A Tory Burch satchel, gold heeled booties, an open back with an adorable bow, and a ruffled bottom edge! Details!




I am also not one to wrap in typical baby wrapping. I felt these black and white zoo animals were much cuter, and more whimsical! I like to stand out and be different, not just go with the expected way of doing things. Make a statement!

Till next time OPR


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